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  • I am Dave Weatherall.

    A nomadic blogger, travel writer, social media influencer, SEO-focused copywriter and social good advocate from a small village in Kent, England.

    I left school when I was 17 with a dream to become an online entrepreneur and travel the world.


    I am the creator of That Travel Blog. I help people explore alternative ways to work and travel, outside of the typical 9-to-5 desk job. My mission is to create unique and insightful content that caters to an audience of young, ambitious travelling entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be one.

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    Talking about creating a nomadic business, on-the-go, at the Alternative Travel Gathering in Amsterdam!

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    Dave (That Travel Blog)

    This isn’t the story of a young millionaire. I am not here to tell you how I created a successful App, dropshipping business, or digital nomad boot camp. Nor do I intend to entice you into joining my one thousand dollar course on how to become an overnight success.


    That Travel Blog is dedicated to providing you with realistic inspiration and resources to enable you to confidently redesign your lifestyle. My advice can’t build you a nomadic business or a successful blog, but your hard work will.

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  • Dave Weatherall - That Travel Blog

    Dave Weatherall - That Travel Blog

    Blogger. Author. Travel Writer. Influencer. SEO-focused Copywriter.

    My mission is to support entrepreneurs from around the world and provide you with the resources to make money while you travel.​

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