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26 Ways to Make Money While You Travel (Free eBook)

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I started That Travel Blog with a dream to inspire people, like me, who are exhausted by Western values. People who want more to life than a 9-to-5. People who want to escape.

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"26 Ways to Make Money While You Travel"

Do you ever dream of quitting your job to travel the world?

I did. I didn't want a mortgage, material possessions or “good career progression and development opportunities”. I wanted to travel.

In April 2014, I quit my desk job! Since then, I have been blogging my way around the world while working with my digital marketing nomad team, That Social Agency.

So, How Do You Make Money While You Travel?

I ask travel entrepreneurs this question every Sunday in my weekly interview series.

I interview people of all ages, genders, and different backgrounds to provide a platform for encouraging travel and inspiration for those who want to redesign their lifestyle.

For example; nomadic duo and founders of The Remote Trip, Michelle Monty and Amy Fransz. Or 19-year-old marketing nomad, Jeremy Noronha from Goa, India! And 23-year-old blogger & entrepreneur Levy Anne Amosin from the Philippines.

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"26 Ways to Make Money While You Travel"

26 Ways to Make Money While You Travel

You can teach English, become a surf or scuba diving instructor. You can work in hostels, volunteer, work exchange, guide tours, teach yoga, work on cruise ships, even house-sit!

Making money while you travel is a very real possibility so use these 26 ways to help you travel indefinitely. Go for it!

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