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How to Make Money While Travelling: A New Weekly Feature

I am starting a new weekly feature!

Once a week, on a Sunday, I will be showcasing successful nomadic teams and interviewing location independent entrepreneurs.

I have had a massive response from lots of brilliant digital nomads, entrepreneurs, bloggers, photographers, scuba diving instructors, even nomadic traders from around the world who want to participate. So instead of every month, like I planned, I will be sharing someone new every week for us to learn from and connect with!

Each edition will narrate a new story and a different way to make money while travelling. I will ask useful questions like how to find remote work, what challenges they face, and request advice for those of you who are aspiring to become location independent.

If you have an inspiring story or you know someone who might want to get involved, please get in touch! For every participant, I will showcase you and your business to over 35k followers on social media and link to your website from my blog.

For those of you who I have already spoken with, I look forward to featuring you! Join this Facebook group for more updates. For my readers, here's a sneaky preview of some of the awesome people you will see in the next few weeks. :)

How to Make Money While Travelling
That Travel Blog: Learn How to Make Money While Travelling
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