• Give Back to the 🌎 We Love Exploring

    Join my lending team and invest in entrepreneurs from developing countries!

  • Travel is like sharing, you bring money from one country and spend it in another.


    As a blogger who advocates travel and nomadic entrepreneurship, I have a responsibility to encourage sustainable tourism and to give back to the world we love exploring.​


    I tell my readers to follow their dreams, but not everyone has that privilege. That's why I created a lending team with Lendwithcare and pledged 100% of my e-guide sales, from you, to micro-finance entrepreneurs in developing countries. Together, we can support entrepreneurs just like us and help some of the world’s poorest people work their way out of poverty with dignity.

  • Join my team

    Join My Team

    For travel bloggers & online entrepreneurs. We can support entrepreneurs around the world!


    Join my Lendwithcare group to support entrepreneurs in developing countries who wouldn't otherwise have access to funding.

  • When you make a loan through Lendwithcare, 100% of your money goes to your chosen entrepreneur; they do not take a percentage for administration. This means that you have an amazing impact on their future.


    Lendwithcare do things differently. You don't just donate money to people in need, you lend it and they pay it back. You can decide whether to then withdraw your money or reinvest it with another entrepreneur.

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  • What More Can You Do to Help?

    Travel brands I love that support sustainable tourism and social causes...



    Book a hotel and support a cause

    When booking a trip with Wander, you can give back to social causes with every reservation.



    Travel the world for a cause

    Book authentic travel experiences with do-good organisations.

  • What Is "Good Tourism"?

    You can strengthen small communities by supporting local businesses.

    Be a traveller, not a tourist.

    Stay Local

    Think homestays, b&bs, locally-owned hotels.

    Eat Local

    Try something different! Eat in local restaurants and stalls.

    Shop Local

    Visit markets and strive for authenticity. Buy direct.

    Minimise Your Impact

    Clean up after yourself! Bring a reusable bag. Be a travel-ninja and leave no footprints.

    Travel Local

    Take public transport. It's not only energy efficient, it can save money too!

    Support Sustainability

    Vote for a better world by reallocating your travel budget to socially responsible companies.

  • “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” - Sam Walton


    The travel and tourism industry contributes over 2 trillion dollars annually to the Global economy. That’s 9% of the GDP! Imagine if all of that wealth was spent with socially responsible companies who give back to the communities we visit.


    Simply with your love for travel, you can empower small communities by supporting local businesses and social causes.


    Don’t just see the world, make it better.

  • Dave Weatherall - That Travel Blog

    Dave Weatherall - That Travel Blog

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    My mission is to support entrepreneurs from around the world and provide you with the resources to make money while you travel.​

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