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    At That Travel Blog, my mission is to create unique and insightful content that caters to an audience of young, ambitious travelling entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be one! Since its creation in April 2014, I have worked with companies from around the world to put them in-front of an audience who cares.

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    That Travel Blog is built on storytelling. All my life I have told stories, way back to when I was a kid; I would pretend to be a news reporter. To before I started my blog, I wrote marketing collateral for advertising agencies, in addition to dipping my keyboard into journalism with articles in the Guardian and magazines for young creatives in London.


    I love to work with start-ups and social enterprises in order to build a loyal readership. With my background in digital marketing, I know what works on the world-wide-web.


    So, let's talk about your story!

    If you are interested in working with me, here's what That Travel Blog has to offer:

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Get in with the in-crowd. Reach large communities online through thought leaders.

    Reach a strong and engaged audience of over 40,000 combined followers across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

    • Sponsored posts
    • Social media promotion and management
    • Product and hotel reviews
    • Press trips and FAM trips

    Strategically partner with That Travel Blog to spark organic conversations and motivate purchasing decisions. Overcome "banner blindness" and advertise like it's 2017.


    Creative Copywriting

    Let's stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.

    Whether it's shared on my blog, or yours. I can help your brand reach its desired audience with bespoke and creative copy.

    • Blog posts & SEO articles
    • Newsletters & email marketing
    • Websites & landing pages
    • Press releases & PR strategy

    Champion in creativity with content-based viral campaigns in order to achieve a high organic reach, instead of throwing money at paid advertising.

    NOTE: I only work with brands I love, who fit the theme and purpose of my blog.

    To discuss collaboration opportunities, contact Dave at dave[AT]thattravelblog[dot]com.

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  • Dave Weatherall - That Travel Blog

    Dave Weatherall - That Travel Blog

    Blogger. Author. Travel Writer. Influencer. SEO-focused Copywriter.

    My mission is to support entrepreneurs from around the world and provide you with the resources to make money while you travel.​

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