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10 Instagram Hashtags to Get Your Travel Photos Featured

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Whether you are a travel photographer, travel blogger, or travel enthusiast. If you are using Instagram, you are likely going to want to be featured on popular accounts. 

Here's 10 hashtags that will get your travel photos featured on some of the most popular travel accounts!

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Yeah, that's ours! Before I share my favourite hashtags for travel photos on Instagram, I wanted to introduce mine first.

My mission on Instagram is to raise awareness for up and coming travel photographers. Tag #THATTRAVELBLOG for a chance to be featured!

TRAVEL TIP: If you are new to Instagram, it's tempting to use hashtags such as #picoftheday, #like4like, #follow4follow. But looking at the users who participate in these tags, it is unlikely any of them truly care about the content you're posting. Try to be industry-specific and use niche tags to find a meaningful audience.

The Travel Channel isn't just an American TV channel. It also  boasts over 800k followers and regularly features photographers who use their tag #LiveTravelChannel.

Tag your travel photos with #TravelStoke to be featured on one of the web's largest travel magazines, the Matador Network.

For over 40 years, Lonely Planet have been helping travellers to explore & enjoy the world. Use #lonelyplanet for your travel photos.

The BBC is the world's oldest national broadcasting organisation and is recognised worldwide so it's no surprise their travel account is up their with the most popular. If you want a regram to over 312k followers, use #BBCTravel.

Just Go Shoot are doing a fantastic job at providing exposure to talented and underrated photographers. Tag your travel photos with the #justgoshoot hashtag and even if you don't get featured, you'll benefit from the eyes of the huge community who use it.

With 1.8m followers and over 15k likes on each photo, you would be very lucky to be featured on The Globe Wanderer. But again, this doesn't stop you benefiting from the large community who use this hashtag everyday.

A community of travelers, storytellers and photographers inspiring you to travel. Tag #passionpassport for the chance to be featured to over 600k followers.

Travel, art, culture and everything in between.

A huge Instagram community with over 1 million photos submitted to #worlderlust. Use this hashtag for your wanderlust pictures around the world.


To save you entering these 10 travel hashtags every time you post, copy them all here:

#thattravelblog #LiveTravelChannel #TravelStoke #lonelyplanet #BBCTravel #justgoshoot #TheGlobeWanderer #passionpassport #theculturetrip #worlderlust

Did you enjoy these hashtags? Would you like to save yourself hours of research by downloading 560 more engagement-boosting travel hashtags for Instagram?

The Ultimate List of Travel Hashtags for Instagram
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