30 Instagram Hashtags to Get Your Travel Photos Featured

Create unforgettable memories while you elevate your online business.

Do you remember “10 Instagram Hashtags to Get Your Travel Photos Featured”? You seemed to enjoy it so here’s more travel hashtags to help grow your Instagram accounts!

Here’s a quick recap of the original 10 hashtags, along with 20 more that will get your travel photos featured on some of the most popular travel accounts on Instagram.

TL;DR If you don’t want to read through the whole blog post, skip to the end and copy & paste them into your Instagram post.

EDIT: Scroll down for my new guide “Ultimate List of 1,000+ Travel Hashtags for Instagram”!

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Instagram Hashtags

2 to 10.

2. #LiveTravelChannel (@travelchannel)

3. #TravelStoke (@matadornetwork)

4. #lonelyplanet (@lonelyplanet)

5. #BBCTravel (@bbc_travel)

6. #justgoshoot (@justgoshoot)

7. #TheGlobeWanderer (@theglobewanderer)

8. #passionpassport (@passionpassport)

9. #theculturetrip (@theculturetrip)

10. #worlderlust (@worlderlust)

Remember: You are limited to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, so use them wisely to maximise your exposure.

11. #WeAreTravelGirls (@wearetravelgirls)

Contribute to an inspiring gallery of ‘travel girls’ around the world.

12. #AdventureCulture (@adventure_culture)

For the adventurers. Incredible travel photos of which are mostly camping, trekking, hiking in mountains and wilderness.

13. #lessismoreoutdoors (@theoutdoorfolk)

More outdoorsy, travelling adventures. Camping, national parks, forests, wildlife.

14. #departedoutdoors (@departedoutdoors)

Be the adventure. Nature landscapes and wilderness explorations.

15. #earth_deluxe (@earth_deluxe)

Beautiful landscapes and human portraits.

16. #worldcaptures (@worldcaptures)

Popular hashtag. Cityscapes and mountain views.

17. #Artofvisuals (@artofvisuals)

Competitive hashtag with professional photography. Even if you don’t get featured, it’s simply a popular hashtag worth using for broadening the reach of your posts!

18. #TravelAwesome (@travelawesome)

Huge travel hashtag with awesome photography. Again, this Instagram hashtag will be difficult to get a feature with but it’s great for maximising your reach.

19. #followmefaraway (@followmefaraway)

Incredible explorations and adventures.

20. #travellingthroughtheworld (@travellingthroughtheworld)

“Discover every corner of the world.” A colourful gallery full of holidays and city breaks.

21. #nakedplanet (@nakedplanet)

Professional travel photography around the world!

22. #CreateExploreTakeOver (@createexplore)

Creative and often low-light photography. Large, active community using the hashtag.

23. #CreateCommune (@createcommune)

Professional and creative photography.

24. #travelingpost (@travelingpost)

Tourist hotspots and adventurous shots!

25. #awesome_earthpix (@awesome_earthpix)

Popular travel hashtag for landscape and adventure photography.

26. #WeLiveToExplore (@welivetoexplore)

Frequently used hashtag and travel community who regularly share adventure photography.

27. #LetsGoEverywhere (@skyscanner)

My favourite flight comparison site’s feature hashtag. Get your tourist on!

28. #igshotz (@igshotz)

Artsy nature photography.

29. #exploretocreate (@thevisualscollective)

Adventure photography and visual storytelling.

30. #travelandlife (@travelandlife)

Beautiful photography from around the world.

Copy & Paste

To save you typing these 30 travel hashtags every time you post on Instagram; copy and paste them from here.

Instagram Tip: Try not to share all of your hashtags in the caption otherwise it will look messy! Remove the clutter from your Instagram feed by posting your hashtags as a comment. Better yet, use 5 dots on 5 individual lines to hide those untidy hashtags!






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  1. Awesome list! I use most of these! That means I am doing something right! I would like to add #femaletravelbloggers for all the lady or duo travel bloggers out there. We feature 3-5 photos a week from our awesome bloggers and have our own account. We’re a bit newer to the game, but are growing strong!

  2. Jeannie | Iceland With a View

    What a great list, thanks for sharing! I’m trying these soon :)
    I have an Iceland travel blog and I use #IcelandWithaView if you ever visit our tiny island in the Arctic!

  3. These are some of the best travel hashtags using this travel hashtags you can able to get more engagement for your content.

  4. getting the correct hashtag for my insta posts was really a difficult task but after reading your article. I know the place from where I can pick my captions.

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