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Every traveller can be a superhero by contributing to make the world a better place, just by doing what we love.

Why does this matter? In an exciting presentation put forward by Pieter Levels at the DNX Global Conference last year, he guesstimated, “There will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035”.

Many of you who read my blog and those I have featured in my nomad interview series, work while you travel around the world. Collectively, we have a responsibility to layout a future that is mindful to the effects of a global expansion in tourism.

A new generation of socially responsible companies have begun to emerge who are aware of the changes that need to be made in the industry. is a travel company with a purpose greater than being solely a platform for booking travel experiences. Wander supports the social causes you care about, conceived to give back to the world we love exploring.

A rapid growth of tourism over the next 20 years will have substantial environmental, economical and geopolictal effects on our planet. We need to encourage sustainable tourism today so we are able to build an industry for tomorrow that will give back to our planet, rather than take from it.

Redefining Tourism - Understand the Impact of Your Transactions

The travel and tourism industry already contributes to over 2 trillion dollars annually to the Global economy. That’s 9% of the GDP!

I would like to think that most travellers have the best intentions. Unfortunately, it is possible to be misled by dodgy organisations and inadvertently fund something that you are morally opposed to. For shocking examples you only have to look to the recent unveiling of the ‘orphanage tourism’ industry in Cambodia; fuelling child trafficking and heartbreaking separation of young children from their families. Or elephant-riding and tiger-petting in Thailand, tragically encouraging the mistreatment of wild animals.

It is vitally important to understand the impact of your transactions, especially when travelling to developing countries where your money goes further. We need to remember that as consumers, we have the power to influence companies to adopt socially aware business models.

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” - Sam Walton​

What Can You Do to Help?

When booking a trip with Wander, you can give back to social causes with every reservation. Support one of Wander’s five social causes via one of their partner organisations. Without paying any extra for their service or altering your travel plans.

  • Children

  • Humanitarian

  • Development

  • Our Planet

  • Empower

Voting for a better world isn’t about going to your local polling station every four years, it is about voting everyday with the decisions you make. With Wander, you can vote for a better world simply by choosing where to spend your money.

By booking your hotel with Wander, here’s just a few things you can do...

1. Bring essential nutrition to children around the world with Vitamin Angels 

(© Matt Dayka/Vitamin Angels UG15)

2. Protect the future of the world we love exploring with WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

3. Fight poverty with CARE

4. Light Up The World with Canadian non-profit organisation, LUTW

Book. Support. Travel. Change the World with

The awesome team at Wander has put into action something that has been on my mind ever since I started travelling full-time in 2014. Simply with my love for travel, I can start reducing the negative effects of the tourism industry by supporting good causes. The best part is, all I have to do is change the website on which I book my hotels.

I Pledge to 'Give Back to the World We Love Exploring', Do You?

With a big thanks to the team at Wander for inspiring me, I will be launching a new project for That Travel Blog in 2017.

I pledge to ‘Give Back to the World We Love Exploring’ by supporting sustainable tourism and socially aware projects that my readers and I care about. 100% of my e-guide sales will go towards micro-financing entrepreneurs in developing countries who otherwise wouldn't have access to funding. I will even cover the PayPal costs!

I am also voting for change by reallocating my travel budget to socially responsible companies like Wander. Instead of large corporate organisations who only care about profits, rather than people or the planet.

We need to start building a world that is prepared for a nomadic population and the movement of 1 billion nomads. Book. Support. Travel. Change the world.

Be a super-wanderer. Experience the difference travelling with can make.

Book. Support. Travel. Change the World with
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