How to Create the Perfect Instagram Bio?

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The essential features of a successful bio.

When we set up the Instagram page, we quickly jot down a few lines on the bio description box and forget about it. That could prove to be a costly mistake if you consider your brand’s overall growth on social media. The bio section of the page is usually the first thing someone reads when they visit a page for the first time. So, if you do not get it right, it could be a potential setback to your entire brand. This article gives you everything you need to know to pin down and create the perfect Instagram bio.

Instagram Bio Tips

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What is a bio, and why do you need to get it right?

Before getting to know how to do it, it is worth understanding the “what’s” and “why’s” of the bio section. In essence, the bio description is the body of text that appears at the very top of your Instagram page. These 150 characters are your chance to show what you’re about. Here you can use emojis, hashtags and even tags of other profiles. Providing a compelling message that reflects your brand identity is essential to make a meaningful impact and help to convert a visitor into a follower. So, how do we do it?

@imdanielaqueiroz showcases an amazing example of this. Immediately, Daniela presents what value is being offered in the first sentence. Then she uses call to action “DM me” to get the ball rolling with potential clients.

Instagram Bio Tips

Resonate your brand personality

Within 150 characters, you have to deliver a message that hooks up your target audience. The best way to do this is by reflecting on who you are, what you are best at, and what value you provide to other people. In simple terms, you need to convince the reader that they have come to the right place by visiting your page, and they should follow you.

Another good example is Their strategy might not be right for you, it is focused strongly on their business but it clearly represents what they offer as an agency.

Instagram Bio Tips

Elements of a perfect bio

There is no right or wrong way in pulling off the ‘perfect’ description. Every account has a different aesthetic. However, a good bio section will foster a sense of value and compel the user to be part of the brand by following. As we mentioned above, a good opening headline will tell people what you offer in a crisp and precise manner. So, when deciding on the critical elements of your Instagram bio, think about the following:

  • What is your brand promise?
  • What is your brand personality? For example, Funny, informative, playful or serious.
  • What are your skills?
  • What is your locality? For example, are you a local, national or multinational business?
  • What is your unique selling point? (Or the USP)
  • What would you like people to do when they visit your profile for the first time?

Some would argue that the last point is the most important of them all if you are a business. You do not want to keep a visitor ‘hanging’ without a clear call to action as a business. Abbreviated by marketeers as ‘CTAs’, an option to click on a link, use your brand’s hashtag, a simple prompt to follow, or DM for more information are some options for must-have elements in your bio.

Further points to sharpen your bio

The bio is one of the few pieces that will be instantly and intently scrutinized on your page, so make every word count for your advantage. Consider having search-friendly keywords on your name as well. For example, Hannah Che uses the term ‘vegan recipes’ right next to her name. It gives an unambiguous indication that the page is food-related, caters for a plant-based audience and teaches recipes. All this has been encapsulated within the name – and in just two words!

Instagram Bio Tips

Remember to be creative and resonate with your brand identity right from the start. It may seem like a difficult task to write a creative bio at first. I’m still not happy with my bio! However, there is no right or wrong way of doing it, and trial and error will prove to you what works best and what does not.

With the steps above, you are now armed to create the perfect Instagram bio, go for it!

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