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How to Make Money While Travelling: AngesVoyage

· Nomad Interviews

Welcome to the 14th edition of “How to Make Money While Travelling” which features successful nomadic teams and interviews with location independent entrepreneurs.

This week I interviewed Angela Koblitz, the founder of AngesVoyage; a travel blog which

shares travel stories and cultural experiences, aiming to inspire people to get out of their

eggshells and see the world with their own eyes. "Inspiration is worth seeking"

So, how do you make money while travelling?

I call myself a travel writer because I enjoy writing while travelling. I use my blog partly to connect with different companies/travel agencies to either have different sponsorships and partnerships on my website or offering my skills on certain subject, such as in sales, marketing and social media.

However, my main income comes from tours selling for a company in Tanzania. I am a sales manager for tour agency based in Arusha.

What were you doing before AngesVoyage?

I was just a Bachelor student, studying Marketing. I travelled during holidays and worked

part-time as a bartender, English tutor, babysitter and freelance photographer.

What are your reasons for becoming location independent?

I first need to tell you that I quit my University at the last minute. I have had this travel bug from the age of 21 when I was still in the second year. However, I didn’t know what I wanted to do for my career so I kept studying. I left University when I was 4 months away from graduating because I basically knew what I was passionate about. And I do believe that I don’t need the certificate since I do not want to work under any corporations.

What challenges do you face in your career while both working and travelling?

It is difficult to keep track with all the work while travelling. To me, being always on the go makes me distracted and sometimes I am too tired to work. It’s not always easy balancing working and travelling, you know?

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt from becoming location independent?

Currently I am not sure yet. I believe that learning to balance your working life and

travelling life would be something I need to manage. However, I have learnt that you have

to learn to motivate yourself because sometimes the freedom could overwhelm you.

How do you find work while travelling?

It’s definitely not a piece of cake. It’s stressful and sometimes exhausting. However, it’s

what I’ve wished for so I am satisfied.

Do you think businesses should offer more remote working opportunities? If so, why?

Definitely a yes. It is somehow a win-win situation for businesses as well. Digital nomads

have full profession just like other people and wouldn’t that be a great thing to support

people who have a passion in good cost?

What would your advice be to someone who wants to quit their desk job to become location independent?

Make sure what you want to do, what you are good at and if you are ready for challenges.

What is your favourite travel quote?

"Every year go someplace you have never been before." - Dalai Lama​

Thanks, Angela!

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