The Ultimate Guide to Alishan National Scenic Area in Taiwan

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The Alishan National Scenic Area was the most magical and memorable place I have visited in Taiwan during my 6 months on the island. From its picturesque sunrises and sunsets, Japanese-built trains, peaceful hiking trails with sacred trees, and the production of Taiwan’s internationally-famous tea. Alishan is definitely not to be missed.

What and Where is Alishan?

With an average of 2500 meters above sea level, the Alishan National Scenic Area lies in the eastern mountains of Chiayi County. In the winter, the air is cool and thin with temperatures as low as 5°C at high elevations. In the summer, it can get a slightly humid with temperatures between 14°C and 24°C. My girlfriend and I arrived in January and it was about 8°C!

Entrance Fee to National Scenic Area: NT$150 (~£3.80) per person via public transport, NT$200 (~£5) per person via car, and NT$100 (~£2.50) per person for concessions.

Getting to Alishan from Chiayi

From Chiayi, you can get to Alishan by;

  • Direct bus (7322 from Chiayi TRA station)
  • The famous forest railway to Fenqihu from Chiayi TRA station, followed by a bus to complete the journey that has had unfortunate damage from a recent typhoon

Many people highly recommend the longer but scenic route by taking the forest railway to Fenqihi where you enjoy a 3-hour ride through mountain tunnels and scenic bridges before you catch a bus for the final stretch to Alishan. However, we were a bit pushed for time so we took the direct bus from Chiayi TRA station which cost NT$236 (~£6) pp

Top 5 Best Things to Do in Alishan

1. Alishan Forest Railway​

You will see this time and time again on most, if not all, blog posts about Alishan and that’s because you simply cannot miss it! The railway was built by the Japanese Colonial Government in 1912 to help with the logging of wood. Some of the line was destroyed by typhoon damage in 2014 (hence why you are currently unable to travel directly from Chiayi) but you can still take the following lines from the scenic area to view some breathtaking sights for as little as NT$100 (~£2.50).

Things to Do in Alishan
  • Sacred Tree Route: This train runs every 15 minutes from 09:30-16:30 and takes just 10 minutes. We took this train one afternoon to watch the sunset from one of the two recommended viewing points. It was a 45 minute walk back, but the views are great and the trail was well lit.
Sunrise: Things to Do in Alishan
  • Zhaoping Route: This is an extra special route in Spring for the cherry blossom season
  • Zhushan Route: This route runs just once a day (there and back) at around 06:00 and takes 30 minutes. This is the route that takes you to the sunrise and sea of clouds

2. Hiking trails

There are so many amazing trails to go on so make sure you bring your hiking boots or comfortable trainers! All of them are extremely well sign posted making it super-easy to navigate and the tourist information point in the main square will help you with any questions. They also have maps all along the trails telling you where you are currently. The routes are deep within the forest and open up to some great views along the way.

3. Shoujhen Temple

Taiwan’s highest elevation temple and Alishan’s largest temple. You must go to the second floor to see the surreal room of 10,000 miniature Buddhas!

The surrounding area has a few nice food stalls where you can grab a quick snack and drinks to help you continue on you way back to the hotel area.

Shoujhen Temple: Things to Do in Alishan

Bonus points if you can recreate this photo!

4. Sunrise and sea of clouds

This was by far my most memorable experience of Alishan. Getting up at 4:30am in 8°C temperature wasn’t my perfect idea of fun, but it was definitely all worth it in the end! You need to check and book tickets at the main train station the day before as train times are adjusted according to the estimated sunrise time the following day.

Cloud Sea: Things to Do in Alishan

Unfortunately, it was a little foggy when we went, but it was still a magical experience.

Note: Get there early! The queues build up quickly and we had to wait for a few trains before getting on. This will also ensure you beat some of the crowds to get a better view.

Sunrise: Things to Do in Alishan

5. Send a wooden postcard home from 2,216 meters above sea level

Make your Mum, Granny, Grandad, siblings, friends smile with a unique wooden postcard all the way from one of the highest summits in Taiwan. The post office is situated in the main square and delivers worldwide. My girlfriend and I sent a few from here and it was a perfect ending to the perfect trip!

What to Eat and Drink in Alishan

Although you won’t find a variety of food choices in Alishan, you won’t go hungry either. Around the main square you can find a few places to eat to suit all budgets. We couldn’t find a place to eat with indoor heating, so I would recommend ordering some warm food in the winter months!

  • Street food: You can find some street food around the Alishan main square, as well as around Shoujhen temple. Scallion pancakes, taiwanese sausages and hot clear soup are all available. You will also find a lot of hot drink stalls, selling hot chocolate, coffee, and of course, their famous mountain oolong tea

  • Restaurants: The restaurants are found around the main square where you can get local cuisine and some Alishan specialities

  • 7/11: Like the rest of Taiwan, you won’t struggle to find a 7/11, even at 2,500 meters above sea level! There are two 7/11 shops in the main square, where you can grab a quick snack or microwave meal. We found this useful when we were eager to get out to explore and just wanted something on the go

  • Local tourist shops: As well as eating out, you can also purchase dry foods, tea and spices that are native to the area

Where to Stay in Alishan

The best advice I could give you is, avoid staying anywhere outside the recreational area. Staying inside the Alishan National Scenic Area is slightly more expensive but well worth it! It really added to the experience to wake up in the hotel area and enjoy a short walk to the main square with spectacular views.

Another factor to consider is the entrance fee, if you want to return daily, you’ll have to pay every time you return.

  • Hotels: They can range considerably in price. You will find hotels that are very pricey, but other cheaper, quite basic rooms too. (Alishan House, Alishan Gou Hotel, Dafeng, Gao Shan Ching and many others). Check out for the best rates.

Note: There is often little to no heating in the budget hotels. There can also be a time restriction on hot water, so please bare this in mind when booking. Bring an extra blanket with you if you can and some pyjamas!

Hotels: Top 5 Best Things to Do in Alishan
  • Camping: Not permitted within the Alishan Scenic Area, however there are a few campsites within a short driving distance. For us, we wanted to stay within the grounds so we opted for a hotel.

Where to Next?

It is fairly easy to return to Chiayi by bus. You can however visit the following two locations if you want to extend your trip:

  • Sun Moon Lake: It is quite common for tourists to visit Sun Moon Lake after Alishan, or vice-versa, due to the proximity of the locations. There is a direct bus to Sun Moon Lake that leaves Alishan at 1pm and 2pm daily
  • Guanzihling Hot Springs: Visitors often visit the hot springs on their way back to Chiayi. There are regular busses that return in this direction

Enjoy Alishan! Please share this blog post with your friends if it helps you.
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  2. Hi! May I ask how long the direct bus ride from Chiayi to Alishan take? Do you think that a Taipei-Alishan trip is doable as a day trip (taking the igh speed rail from Taipei to Chiayi)?

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    1. Yes, I think so if you leave early in the morning! The bus took around 2 hours. But I would make sure to check the bus schedule. The bus I jumped on was from the TRA station, I’m not sure how frequent the buses are from the HSR (also, the stations are quite far away from each other so it wouldn’t be that easy going to the TRA from HSR for a bus).

      Have an amazing trip! Alishan is well worth the visit and make sure you get up for the sunrise haha.

  3. This is what I needed. I want to catch the cherry blossoms in Taiwan this end of month, and guides say this is where we could catch cherry blossoms that time of the month. Thank you! 🙂

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