To help entrepreneurs in developing countries.

My blog was started to share opportunities for remote working, entrepreneurship and blog monetisation. But not everyone can just grab their passport and a laptop and start working remotely. With the revenue generated from this blog, I want to help create opportunities for other entrepreneurs in developing countries who haven’t had the same opportunities as I have. This is how I’m doing it.

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I tell my readers to follow their dreams, but not everyone has that privilege. That’s why I created a lending team with Care International UK and pledged 100% of my e-guide sales to micro-finance entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Together, we can support entrepreneurs just like us and help some of the world’s poorest people work their way out of poverty with dignity.


You are already helping by visiting this blog and interacting with the content and advertising partners. However, you can do more by investing in your own blog with a digital guide of That Travel Blog.

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>>100% of the revenue is micro-loaned to entrepreneurs in developing countries<<
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You can strengthen small communities by supporting local business.

Stay Local

Think homestays, b&bs, locally-owned hotels.

Minimise Your Impact

Clean up after yourself! Bring a reusable bag. Be a travel-ninja and leave no footprints.

Eat Local

Try something different! Eat in local restaurants and stalls.

Travel Local

Take public transport. You can also save money this way by travelling like a local, with the locals.

Shop Local

Visit markets and strive for authenticity. Buy direct from the source.

Support Sustainability

Vote for a better world by reallocating your travel budget to socially responsible companies.

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